EPIC Insurance Broker Jeff Breskin Recognized as a 2021 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Jeff Breskin, Vice President, Workers’ Comp Claims Specialist,
EPIC Insurance Brokers

Jeff Breskin
Vice President, Workers’ Comp Claims Specialist
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Los Angeles

Jeff Breskin knows how to show dedication to his clients: “He’s available to us round the clock,” one client said. “He has decades of experience [in] workers’ comp and shares that with us.”

“He’s basically been there to help me and guide us through crisis,” another client added. 

Round-the-clock service is especially important for manufacturing clients, whose workers can be at risk due to a variety of safety factors.

As a broker, Breskin provides a range of services catered to his client’s unique concerns.

For one manufacturing client, he participates in quarterly meetings with its workers’ comp council in order to help structure settlements and provide recommendations on whether to bring surveillance into a case.

“Jeff is constantly providing us with good input and good solutions in terms of creative settlement options,” the client said. 

In addition to reviewing claims that have gone awry with the client’s attorneys, Breskin helped this client structure its safety program by finding a third-party vendor that helped make safety a high priority within the organization. Its state rating is now half of what it was before Breskin came onto the account.

“All of that has brought our claims history down significantly,” the client said.

Clients report Breskin’s customer service excels as well. Another manufacturing client reported that when it called with a serious workers’ comp concern, Breskin answered the phone immediately despite being on vacation in France.

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