Stephens Insurance Broker Brian Chance Recognized as a 2021 Workers’ Comp Power Broker

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Brian Chance, Senior Vice President Claims & Risk Management, Stephens Insurance

Brian Chance, CPCU, AIC
Senior Vice President Claims & Risk Management
Stephens Insurance, Little Rock, Ark.

Clients of Brian Chance praised his commitment to developing creative money saving solutions for their companies. “Brian is the most creative broker that I’ve met,” said John Madaus, RN BA CCM, workers’ compensation manager, Clemens Food Group.

“He never stopped looking as a broker for new ideas as far as money saving,” another client added.

One client said Chance took a comprehensive look at every facet of its workers’ comp program and insurance services.

Chance immediately had suggestions about how unbundling certain services would help the bottom line. He then negotiated a better deal that resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings.

In another case, he was able to help a client dig into bill reviews from its various vendors and TPA to find out what dollars from “enhanced savings” were being put towards. Previous brokers hadn’t thoroughly analyzed the issue, but Chance dug in and was able to help cut costs.

“Overall, [compared to] the other brokers I’ve worked with in the past, Brian really got in there, and he found out where these costs were going,” the client said.

Chance isn’t just about saving workers’ comp programs money. Madaus noted that Chance played a critical role in helping the Clemens workers’ comp program shift to an advocacy-based model, for which it earned a 2019 Teddy Award from Risk & Insurance®.

“He worked the numbers with me and looked at claims histories and was able to help me help our financial people see the value in adjusting the program,” Madaus said.

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