Gallagher Broker Cheryl Karim Recognized as a 2021 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Cheryl Karim, Area Vice President, Gallagher

Cheryl Karim, CLCS
Area Vice President
Gallagher, New York

“We specialize in impressionist and modern masters,” said Howard Shaw, president, Shaw Fine Art, “so they can be expensive works.”

According to Shaw, people who often own or deal with work at this level are not as tolerant with headaches or issues. That’s why it is imperative Shaw gets insurance right.

To do that, “it really takes someone who understands the art business to do it well.”

That person for him is broker Cheryl Karim.

“Cheryl helps us be cost-conscious. Premiums can be substantial with pieces like this,” he said. “She knows my business inside and out.”

One area where Karim really shines is when the gallery takes its show on the road. There’s packaging, shipping, hanging to secure the art, not to mention customs if the show is overseas. Karim will get Shaw what he needs in 20 minutes time.

“She’ll have a certificate of insurance over to me, and she’ll review every single one to make sure there’s enough coverage and everything is set.”

Client Brenda Stern, U.S. finance director, Hauser & Wirth, Inc., said Karim is incredibly responsive, super sweet and lovely to work with.

“She knows the business and knows how to help us in creative ways.”

Stern’s gallery has been growing globally over the last 10 years. As part of its expansion, the team added a flagship gallery. It took six years to complete.

“This past year was the culmination of all of our efforts when the building finally opened,” Stern said. “We’ve always relied on Cheryl’s invaluable expertise regarding fine arts coverage, but the building brought a new recognition of the depth of her knowledge.”

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