Marsh Broker Chip Hardie Recognized as a 2021 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Chip Hardie, Senior Vice President, Client Executive, Energy and Power, Marsh

Chip Hardie, ARM, CPCU
Senior Vice President, Client Executive, Energy and Power
Marsh, Elkins Park, Pa.

“I was not happy with our previous broker,” said one director of risk management, “and the brokerage parachuted Chip Hardie in on short notice. That coincided with a direct hit from a hurricane on our site. So Chip came in at an incredibly difficult moment. I had only recently started with the company myself, so he and I were new to each other and to the company. Chip is not a claims person, but the first thing he did was make claims people available. Within days he got himself settled with the Marsh team and with our team.”

The director added, “Chip really brought a stature that was lacking before. I was up to my eyeballs in claims. He brought suitable people in, such as a tech person. I just kept pushing stuff off onto him and he just kept handling it. He also had to back me up with my own organization too. It was like the two of us had been working together for years. He really just clicked in with a can-do attitude. He’s a Navy man, spent some time on nuclear submarines, that may account for his being so proactive.”

Another risk manger related that “during our last renewal we sought premium savings because of budget constraints. A risk-financing optimization, which Chip spearheaded, showed that alternative program structures could generate savings and still provide protection.

Specifically, we could consider doubling certain retentions and still be within our risk appetite. Analytics showed the risk remained essentially unchanged, which provided comfort in raising retention levels.”

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