2HB HR & Benefits Solutions Broker Laurie Miller Recognized as a 2021 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Laurie Miller, President, 2HB HR & Benefits Solutions

Laurie Miller
2HB HR & Benefits Solutions, Rockford, Ill.

Health and welfare are changing at the speed of light. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Laurie Miller has made a concerted effort to stay on top of the evolving information and industry changes that can impact her clients.

“I was helped throughout my company’s startup by Laurie and the team at 2HB. As a startup we were a bit nervous kicking off our benefits and weren’t sure we could pull it off for our employees,” said DJ Mumma, president of CQ + MFG.

“Laurie guided us through the many different decisions of choosing health care options and designed an affordable and competitive benefits package for the employees.”

While attempting to navigate the minefields of COVID regulations and requirements, Miller kept the 2HB team current.

“Laurie is very connected in the manufacturing space with all local entities. She and her team were able to draw from that to develop our very comprehensive employee handbook, and assure our benefits were going to be competitive in order to attract/retain our workforce,” Mumma said.

In addition to personally sewing masks for her clients, Miller also offers a COVID-19 Resource Center through their partner, Zywave.

While this effort covered national developments and some statewide changes, Miller found it imperative to provide local resources for clients. That’s how Laurie Miller Alerts came to be. Miller has sent out dozens of alerts regarding COVID-19 information that was most pertinent to her clients.

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