Aon Broker Jennifer Thorpe Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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Jennifer Thorpe, Managing Director, Aon

Jennifer Thorpe
Managing Director
Aon, Minnetonka, Minn.

Executives in the C-suite tend to pay attention to the D&O coverage purchased on their behalf. And when they see premium increases despite an absence of claims, questions are bound to arise.

Jennifer Thorpe answered them by keeping executives abreast of the hardening D&O market in real time, said the risk manager at a transportation company.

“That was huge for us in being able to manage up and tell the story but even just for my own boss to see exactly what was going on minute to minute as opposed to waiting until all the quotes are in and then presenting them as one package,” the risk manager said.

It helped that Thorpe is a credible source of information, said the risk manager, who does not hesitate in putting Thorpe in front of the company’s top leaders.

“She just has a presence about her when speaking with executives that gives them a lot of comfort,” the risk manager said. “And her tremendous knowledge of the subject matter goes a long way. What she says carries a lot of credence.”

Clients also appreciate Thorpe’s creativity and tenacity.

“She just goes to bat for us like she works us,” said the risk manager for a real estate franchising company.

Thorpe handles the company’s executive risk coverage, the risk manager said. “Her innovation on creating programs to make sure the company is truly protected is just outstanding.”

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