Beecher Carlson Broker Sarah Griffith Recognized as a 2021 Transportation Power Broker

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Sarah Griffith, Southeast Executive Liability Practice Leader, Beecher Carlson

Sarah Griffith
Southeast Executive Liability Practice Leader
Beecher Carlson, Atlanta

When a client with a new vice president of risk management faced D&O renewals complicated by a challenging market and the COVID-19 pandemic, Sarah Griffith worked diligently to secure favorable pricing from the incumbent carrier well in advance of the program anniversary date.

But less than 45 days before the renewal, a Securities Class Action suit arose that would implicate the policy.

Working even harder, Griffith managed to successfully rework and renegotiate the entire renewal program before the deadline.

“We did not miss a beat throughout one of the most challenging executive lines renewal [our company] has ever faced,” the client said. “Throughout the renewal process, Sarah kept us informed of market changes and helped us better focus our attention on issues which assisted us in obtaining the most favorable results.”

Hard work and results are the norm for Griffith.

“We had a really difficult executive liability renewal and she and the folks she works with really helped us get through a very challenging time with it,” said another client.

“She was so diligent and determined, dealing with the carriers … and getting them all aligned with what we wanted them to do going into our renewal. It wasn’t easy.”

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