Marsh Broker Matthew Summers Recognized as a 2021 Construction Power Broker

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Matthew Summers, Construction Practice Leader – South Central, Marsh

Matthew Summers, CIC
Construction Practice Leader – South Central
Marsh, Dallas

Sometimes, the bottom line is the bottom line. 

Faced with skyrocketing rates and quotes at $1.25 per $100 in insured value on the operational policy that included its construction liability, Lincoln Property Company decided it needed a standalone policy. 

Having previously worked with Matt Summers to get great rates on a builder’s risk program, Kerry Braxton, Lincoln’s associate general counsel, called Summers about setting up a standalone construction liability program.

“We put a program together and went out to the market, and he was able to cut that rate in half to 65 cents per 100,” said Braxton.

“That was a huge relief for the company, because that went directly to our bottom line.”

Summers achieved similar savings for Rockpoint Group.

“Matt is the complete package—extremely technical and knowledgeable of the insurance products, but also attuned with our business and its challenges,” said Crystal Flack, Rockpoint’s risk manager.

“If an off-the-shelf product is not a fit, Matt has the creativity and strength of relationships to fashion solutions not commonly available. We have benefited from one such product in particular, which provided the protection we needed on a project at 40% under what the off-the-shelf option would have cost.”

Mark Friedman, director of risk management at The Hanover Company, agrees: “There is no one more deserving of this award than Matt Summers.”

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