AssuredPartners Broker Trevor Gilstrap Recognized as a 2021 Traditional Energy Power Broker

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Trevor Gilstrap, Senior Vice President, AssuredPartners

Trevor Gilstrap
Senior Vice President
AssuredPartners, Denver

“The energy sector got hit doubly hard with the pandemic and falling oil prices,” said one company executive.

“We needed to reduce our expenses, especially insurance premiums. At first Trevor Gilstrap tried to restructure our deal with the incumbent insurer, but when we saw that was not going to work, we had to go to new markets. He helped me go back out to get bids. We secured several and ended up getting a whole new policy that saved us something close to half a million dollars.”

One new client inherited Gilstrap when it acquired another company.

“After the closing he flew to our offices to assist us in understanding a complex bond required for the acquired entity, and offer his services in any way to help us on our entire insurance program,” said the risk manager.

“At the time we chose to stay with our existing agent, but Trevor offered to help if we needed. As time moved along we faced a non-renewal by our incumbent carrier largely due to the new acquisition.

“We needed help, and Trevor was there. Trevor and his team stepped up and placed our coverage with an excellent market and handled the entire process in a seamless and painless manner. He even came back to our offices to conduct the presentation during the pandemic.”

The key, the client confirmed, was the historical research Gilstrap conducted to put the company’s exposures into context, along with detailing the robust indemnifications protecting the insured.

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