Marsh Broker Wendy Rosler Recognized as a 2021 Education Power Broker

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Wendy Rosler, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Wendy Rosler, CPCU
Senior Vice President
Marsh, New York

Universities have always faced student health and safety risk, but obtaining liability coverage has grown difficult amid a hardening market. Layer on the pressures of the pandemic, and most schools were facing extremely tough renewals in 2020. 

In the face of these challenges, Wendy Rosler has helped clients secure the coverages they need.

“Wendy started working with us six months ahead of our renewal to look at all of our options. As July 1 approached, it was not looking good. Carriers were not offering the coverage and limits we wanted. Wendy remained a voice of calm and reason. I knew she was pushing for us with the carriers and would leave no stone unturned,” said Michaele DeHart, director of risk and insurance for Syracuse University.

Julie Groves, the director of risk services at Wake Forest University, was similarly impressed with Rosler’s persistence in the market.

“It is becoming more and more difficult to find excess carriers that are willing to provide coverage with no exclusions. For this year’s renewal, Wendy not only ensured that we retained all of our previous excess layers, but was also able to secure us an additional layer of excess. I didn’t ask Wendy to look for this; it was something she undertook, because she had the best interests of the university in mind,” Groves said.

Rosler also ensured telehealth was covered so that students could continue to access campus health services while at home. “This telehealth endorsement was critical to our students’ wellbeing,” Groves said.

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