Aon Broker Brian Finnegan Recognized as a 2021 Environmental Power Broker

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Brian Finnegan, Director, Aon

Brian Finnegan
Aon, New York

“We were forced to seek a standalone pollution policy when our portfolio insurer did not want to include a particular property inside its policy,” said one vice president of risk management.

Such blanket refusals are not uncommon in property management, but it was the first time for this risk manager.

“Brian had some good ideas of which insurers would be able and willing to write that specific coverage,” the risk manager explained.

“He was able to conduct a very targeted marketing effort, working from a short list, and was able to secure the coverage we needed in an extremely tough market.”

Brian Finnegan arranged a broad environmental insurance program that included “a bespoke situation,” said another risk manager.

“In particular, he had to renew our entire master three-year program. That had diverged from our property program because of some assets we had disposed. The way our company is structured, we had to avoid residual exposure. We also had a couple of losses.”

In the end, Finnegan arranged for the client to switch carriers.

“We got coverage and rates that were as good as the ones we had before, if not better,” said the risk manager. “He got multiple quotes, which is not easy even in the best of times due to the diversified nature of our operation and properties.”

A third client just completed a three-year renewal for a large property: “After canvassing the markets and negotiating the best terms with multiple underwriters, Brian delivered the most detailed coverage comparison.”

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