Aon Broker Sanju Rajan Recognized as a 2021 Transportation Power Broker

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Sanju Rajan, Broker/Property, Aon

Sanju Rajan
Aon, Owings Mills, Md.

It’s important to have a broker who knows their business, but it’s also important that they know yours.

Sanju Rajan makes it a priority to know his clients’ businesses.

“He knows our company so well,” said Jocelyn Hill, director public affairs and general counsel for Consolidated Rail Corporation.

“When I go to a presentation with Sanju to my underwriters, it’s like he knows it better than I do, often. He’s like, ‘and don’t forget about the bridge replacement that you did in 2015.’ ”

He brings that level of understanding to all his clients.

“Sanju is impressively aware of what is going on with our organization and is able to clearly articulate our unique circumstances to underwriters and other stakeholders,” said David Michaud, general counsel, San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad, Inc.

Still, it’s important to know insurance, too.

“He knows insurance,” said Hill. “He’s an insurance policy wonk, which I love about him because I’m a former recovering insurance coverage attorney, policy holder side.”

Mostly, though, it’s important to deliver results.

“Sanju Rajan has, year-after-year, helped us through very challenging property renewals,” said Michaud. “Despite having a loss history that exceeds the premiums paid during four of the last five years, Sanju has been able to secure adequate, affordable coverage that allows us to continue our operations.”

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