Marsh Broker Ruth Kochenderfer Recognized as a 2021 Health Care Power Broker

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Ruth Kochenderfer, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Ruth Kochenderfer
Senior Vice President
Marsh, Washington D.C.

Ruth Kochenderfer can take directions on renewal strategy and work her magic to get a result, even in a hardening market, said the risk manager at a health system in the eastern U.S.

But Kochenderfer doesn’t rely on magic.

“She takes the time to understand our business. She asks really good questions. She’s always really engaged in our renewal strategy meetings,” the risk manager said. “I can trust her and know that whatever solution we’re going to get, she’s going to have done her best to make sure that it benefits all parties involved.”

Kochenderfer’s detailed approach made a difference in 2020 when the health system was worried about a sharp premium increase for its D&O coverage, the risk manager said. The system had made an acquisition that boosted its revenue, fueling concern.

Kochenderfer came in with a lower-than expected increase for both D&O and cyber, the risk manager said. “We had a couple really great renewals this past year. But it’s not just this year. She just does it consistently.”

Another client, the risk manager for a health insurer, describes Kochenderfer as a cut above the rest: “As a health care plan that is involved in a variety of high-profile lawsuits, professional liabilities policies are increasingly difficult to find that actually provide good coverage,” the risk manager wrote in an email. “I feel like Ruth literally scours the globe looking for the best coverages and the fairest prices.”

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