Marsh Broker Emily Beach Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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Emily Beach, Account Executive, Marsh

Emily Beach, ARM
Account Executive
Marsh, Atlanta

The in-house risk and insurance team was new. But they could count on Emily Beach to fill in the blanks as they brought in a new philosophy for managing risk to the retail company.

“She had so much history as to what happened in the past with our programs and really got the new team up to speed and explained to us where we had certain gaps and in a way that we understood why it was important to expand coverage,” said a risk manager for the retailer.

On the to-do list, for example, was more coverage for environmental liability. Previous management had purchased policies only if it was needed to acquire a new site, leaving many locations exposed.

Beach had recommended greater coverage in the past but the idea had not gained traction until the new team came on board.

It was more costly but Beach fought for reasonable premiums by keeping the per-location price low, the risk manager said. “She did a great job in working with the team to negotiate those costs.”

For another retail client, Beach took the lead in creating a global general liability program for stores in five countries, including the U.S. The result was a program with significant savings, said a finance executive for the retailer.

“She was the heart of that exercise,” said the executive. “I basically told her this is what we need to do and she went out and did it.”

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