CAC Specialty Broker William Kroupa Recognized as a 2021 Retail Power Broker

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William Kroupa, Senior Vice President, CAC Specialty

William Kroupa
Senior Vice President
CAC Specialty, Denver

The finance executive at a regional supermarket chain got the phone call while attending a baseball game in fall 2019. The chain, which was facing bankruptcy, would not be able to renew its D&O coverage the way it wanted.

Someone recommended a call to William “Billy” Kroupa, the executive said. The broker arranged coverage from another carrier and negotiated for tail coverage after the bankruptcy, which took place in early 2020, the executive said.

“He really took us out of an impossible situation,” the executive said.

Kroupa went on to negotiate D&O coverage for the wind-down company, said the executive, who looks forward to working with Kroupa in the future. “He was just that great for us. I would want him always to be on my team.”

Among the keys to Kroupa’s success is his persistence, said the general counsel for a clothing retailer. The company called on CAC to negotiate D&O coverage in the midst of a bankruptcy.

Kroupa and his team were able to renew the retailer’s full D&O tower along with a six-year tail to protect executives through the bankruptcy and a reasonable claims period afterward, the general counsel said. Even after coverage was placed, Kroupa checked in regularly to see if anything was needed.

“I got a pretty clear impression they don’t take no for an answer,” the attorney said.

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