Gallagher Broker Jeremy Gillespie Recognized as a 2021 Cyber Power Broker

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Jeremy Gillespie, Senior Vice President, Regional Director, Gallagher

Jeremy Gillespie
Senior Vice President, Regional Director
Gallagher, Chicago

For Jeremy Gillespie, a big part of the job is making sure his clients understand the ever-changing risks emerging from the internet.

One client, a global private company with multiple channels, including franchise restaurants, had just begun selling products in retail stores when it needed to renew its policy in 2020. The client was delighted to discover that the cyber coverage Gillespie found went beyond the traditional ransomware and phishing attacks to include trademark infringements and other protections.

Another client, restaurant franchisor and franchisee Culver’s, needed a specialized cyber insurance program that would cover the whole system but allow the main franchisor to control breach response efforts for all restaurants, among other features. Not only was Gillespie able to help create a unique program from the ground up, but his deep understanding of the marketplace also enabled the client to find a carrier.

Clients report that “his relationships, market knowledge, underwriters, lawyers, experts in the cyber world” are the ideal combination. As a broker, Gillespie seems to be able to see all sides of each issue and anticipate what his clients need before they do. “At the same time, he never imposes his ideas on you,” said Jan Paiva, director of risk management for Culver’s.

“His real strengths are listening and honest, forthright communications, but also making it feel like a partnership as you talk though the next steps and put a plan into action.”

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