Insurance Office of America Broker Alka Manaktala Recognized as a 2021 Hospitality Power Broker

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Alka Manaktala, Producer, Insurance Office of America

Alka Manaktala
Insurance Office of America, Longwood, Fla.

When it comes to getting claims paid, broker Alka Manaktala goes above and beyond for her clients, even during the pandemic. One client had a claim at one of its locations where the carrier was not willing to pay the full business income loss. Manaktala was able to get the carrier to come around.

“The carrier was going to evaluate the coinsurance on all of our locations to see if there would be a penalty on the location that had the claim. We had, as a practice, used 40% of the estimated annual sales as the limit per location,” said an owner. “There was some concern that amount would not be sufficient as some locations had increased volume and sales while others had decreased sales during pandemic.

Also, our continuing expenses plus net profit was thought to be much higher than 40% of the sales at the time of loss. Alka was able to get the carrier to waive the coinsurance requirement and pay the entire business income loss.”

Another owner expressed gratitude for Manaktala’s help with a workers’ compensation claim. “One employee was giving us a very hard time with workers’ comp. First it was one knee, then the other knee, all different body parts. We were skeptical, but claims have to be taken seriously,” the owner said.

“Alka sat down with us and with our carriers and made a plan to keep the employee on modified duty. The idea was to make the employee continue to earn the money, not just give it away … That was best for everyone.”

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