Aon Broker Blythe Hogan Recognized as a 2021 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Blythe Hogan, Director, Aon

Blythe Hogan
Aon, Atlanta

Susan Luckfield, controller, Kanders & Company, said that any request, “even bizarre ones,” are no sweat for broker Blythe Hogan.

“Even if the request is last minute, and she doesn’t know the answer right away, she works to find it and get it over to me quickly,” Luckfield said.

Recently, Luckfield’s company was going through a re-evaluation of its art insurance program, and the carrier suggested she conduct an appraisal. Hogan was instrumental in organizing the appraisal and found the best way to get it handled as quickly as she could.

“My boss likes to have issues resolved quickly,” Luckfield said. “And Blythe gets that. She is familiar with me and how we operate, and she brings a high-quality work ethic with her every time.”

For a private family office, adding Hogan to its team was a no-brainer.

To them, Hogan had the “most impressive experience and credentials.” As one director of risk management described, Hogan is always there to get her enterprise what it needs.

For example, when a piece had to be delivered to an owner in a large condominium, the only way it would fit inside the building was by attaching it to the top of an elevator and bringing it to the floor the owner lived on. The elevator company didn’t want to negotiate when it came to liability.

“But Blythe came in and did that negotiating on our behalf.”

The client described Hogan’s approach to the incident as “professional, polished and sophisticated … It’s that old-fashioned customer service and work ethic” that make working with Hogan that much sweeter.

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