EPIC Insurance Broker Christophe Van Gool Recognized as a 2021 International Power Broker

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Christophe Van Gool, Director, Global Solutions, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Cristophe Van Gool
Director, Global Solutions
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Duluth, Ga.

Thanks in part to his early years growing up in Belgium, Christophe Van Gool has an intimate knowledge of the European insurance market and customs.

This knowledge has helped him in his role as a U.S.-based international broker.

One client praised Van Gool’s communication skills, saying, “the U.S.-based premiums tend to be four to five times higher than my (European) counterpart, but Chris can help explain it.”

One of Van Gool’s clients manages the U.S. subsidiaries of many foreign entities, which leads to complicated structures, unique risks and complex coverage needs. When Van Gool took over the account, he found several gaps in coverage through his initial due diligence review.

Working closely with his client and insurance carriers, he redesigned the insurance program and closed the gaps. The team was able to move some of the risk to the standard market and align other coverages.

Van Gool’s client appreciated the review, noting he “worked in the best interest of clients, found discrepancies and tightened the solutions.”

Van Gool knows the importance of staying current on insurance and risk management trends but also makes sure to follow various global news sources.

Being a member of several international chambers of commerce and the worldwide broker network keeps him involved in local matters in global jurisdictions.

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