Alliant Insurance Services Broker Tony Burchett Recognized as a 2021 M&A Power Broker

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Tony Burchett, Vice President/M&A, Alliant Insurance Services 

Tony Burchett
Vice President/M&A
Alliant Insurance Services, Alpharetta, Ga.

Market disruptors are often technology companies, but Tony Burchett is disrupting the employee benefits market.

Jennifer Frankito, director of corporate operations at Team Select Home Care Phoenix, said Big-Five health-insurance quotes increasing by double digits annually were unsustainable for the company and its employees.

“When average raises can’t cover increasing medical premiums, it’s unfair to our hardworking employees,” she said.

Burchett, who works closely with the private equity firm Tenex Capital Management whose portfolio includes Team Select, proposed implementing a self-funded, reference-based pricing program.

Such programs, offered by several providers Burchett works with, research the base prices of hospitals and other health care providers in a specific region. Then they negotiate prices at a fixed percentage above the base, resulting in more transparent pricing.

“Without diluting benefits offered, those plans have typically saved us 20% to 25% in the first year and as much as 40%,” said Joe Cottone, managing director, Tenex Capital Management, which has tapped Burchett and his team to play a key role in about half the private equity firm’s acquisitions.

Team Select is an aggressive acquirer itself, and Frankito praises Burchett for quickly anticipated the company’s needs.

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