EPIC Insurance Broker Chris Moore Recognized as a 2021 Agriculture Power Broker

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Chris Moore, President – Farm Ranch Equine & Livestock, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Chris Moore
President – Farm Ranch Equine & Livestock
EPIC Insurance Brokers

When clients talk about Chris Moore, there is one common theme: His specific knowledge of their business, their risks and their policies.

Moore has no standard approach to risk transfer.

Rather, he develops structures and solutions tailored to the unique needs and preferences of his clients. He views himself as an extension of their team, and therefore puts their interests first. 

“Chris works for us. He understands our farm and family goals and needs. He is very cost conscious but also understands how much risk we are comfortable with. Chris has earned his place on our Grandview Farms team. We trust him in managing risk for our farm and family,” said Tom Dittmer, owner of Grandview Farms. 

Another agribusiness owner credited Moore with proactively addressing new risks as they emerge, especially this past year.

“Chris researched the new threats, developed products to insure against them and educated my staff on how the products would perform. The risk management solutions he developed for us were configured to meet our specific risk profile, not just a one-size-fits-all solution,” the owner said.

“He has earned credibility in my organization by becoming a subject matter expert on specific, complex risk scenarios.”

Beyond that, Moore has also helped his clients build a better understanding of risk and insurance management themselves, providing a level of service “better than most insurance agents I have dealt with in 40+ years,” according to one farm owner.

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