EPIC Insurance Broker Jake Perata Recognized as a 2021 Hospitality Power Broker

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Jake Perata, Senior Vice President, EPIC Insurance Brokers

Jake Perata
Senior Vice President
EPIC Insurance Brokers, Concord, Calif.

Clients of broker Jake Perata say there isn’t a better advocate for those in the hospitality industry.

“In 2020, we were working with a broker who could not get the coverages we had in the past,” said one director of finance.

“That was because all of the carriers either refused to write in our market at all anymore, or for those that would, the prices were so much higher than previous years. Our only option at the time was to lower our limits or pay about 10 times as much in premiums as we had previously.”

Casting about for a better advocate, the client “interviewed three other brokers and based on references, ideologies and presentation, we chose Jake. He was able to get us the limits we had in the past with much lower premiums than the incumbent broker and also were alerted to some coverage gaps that we had in our current policies. We feel better educated and confident in our coverages with Jake.”

Another client did not have to struggle to secure coverage but relied upon Perata to augment the carriers in its program, while at the same time managing existing claims.

“Jake was able to bring us a new carrier for our workers’ comp line,” said one general manager.

“Not only did he and his team offer superior claims support, they were also able to assist with the changing guidelines and regulations as it related to COVID-19. Jake and his team were proactive and constantly in contact with us to make sure we had all of the forms, documents and items needed to comply with the daily changing regulations.”

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