Risk Strategies Broker Margaret Bussiere Recognized as a 2022 Fine Arts Power Broker

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Margaret Bussiere, Vice President, Team Lead-Fine Art, Risk Strategies

Margaret Bussiere
Vice President, Team Lead – Fine Art
Risk Strategies, New York

When the Cartin Collection wanted to maintain its insurance on several works out on loan to the Paris Museum of Modern Art, Margaret Bussiere stepped in to make sure the policy was a good fit.

The Cartin Collection wanted to maintain its insurance because if a claim arose, it didn’t want to rely on the borrowing institution’s policy to provide sufficient coverage.

The collection is very prestigious. Bussiere worked her carrier connections and found someone who in a single afternoon wrote the appropriate contract language so the existing coverage could stay in place.

“She understands the unique needs of a private collection such as ours,” Steve Holmes, curator for the Cartin Collection said. “This loan was really important, and it would not have happened had she not been able to find a workaround.”

When the basement at another client’s gallery flooded, Bussiere “held their hand” through the claims process and subsequent renewal.

Her dedication to her clients is borne out of a love for art and a desire to see it protected. Before beginning her brokerage career, she earned a masters degree in art history and worked in galleries and museums.

“She worked really hard to try to ensure that our policy is always the best fit for us, and she takes a lot of care in making her recommendations to ensure that we’re getting the best service and the best coverage,” said Erin Schuppert of the Menconi + Schoelkopf gallery.

“I always know that I can come to her and she would be really happy to help.”

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