Marsh Broker Lori Freedman Recognized as a 2022 At Large Power Broker

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Lori Freedman, Senior Vice President, Marsh

Lori Freedman, CIC, CRM,
Senior Vice President, Marsh, Austin, Texas

When the water pipes of a children’s shelter, Safe Alliance, in Austin, Texas were frozen by Winter Storm Uri and then broke, it caused widespread flooding and property damage, with residents having to be evacuated immediately.

Knowing that the storm was coming, Lori Freedman had already contacted the local restoration company to make sure she had the necessary protocols and contact information available for her client in the event assistance was needed.

When the worst happened, she was able to get the restoration firm out immediately, while escalating the claim with the insurer so repairs could be carried out straight away without having to wait for an inspection.

Added to that, the shelter had to file a vandalism claim, which Freedman escalated too. She also helped it obtain the necessary information to substantiate a business interruption claim, which yielded $152,244 in recovery for its business income loss.

Aja Gair, COO, Safe Alliance, said, “Lori ensured that we had contractors onsite as quickly as possible doing mold remediation and assessing the damage. She jumped in right away to personally handle all the nitty-gritty details of the claim and made sure that we were reimbursed for business interruption losses.”

Another client, Aaron Richardson, executive leader, Whole Foods Market, said, “I sleep a lot better at night knowing that Lori’s eyes are on our files. Her vigilance has been invaluable in containing or preventing large losses.”

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