Lockton Companies Broker Jonathan Keller Recognized as a 2022 Utilities Power Broker

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Jonathan Keller, Senior Vice President, Lockton Companies

Jonathan Keller
Senior Vice President
Lockton Companies, Houston

Forewarned is forearmed, and a treasury executive at one client lauded Jonathan Keller for his perception of how underwriters would approach renewal.

“He’s been on our account longer than I have, and his anticipation of the market is remarkable. This year’s renewal was one of the toughest ever. Markets had been hardening, and we were at the front end of the hardening last year, so this year was like hitting a wall,” one client said.

The client company had also had a couple of claims for the first time in almost a decade.

“Jon was ready,” the executive said. “We lost a few of the smaller carriers, but Jon had gone to markets all over the U.S. and London and found some new ones. He also found some of the existing underwriters who were willing to take a few more percentage points of the placement at no extra charge. In the end, we were actually slightly over-subscribed.”

None of that would have been possible, the client stated, if Keller had not anticipated and acted well in advance.

Another financial executive for a different client offered similar praise.

“We have two very different portfolios of operating assets, most acquired at different times. They all have very different risk profiles and cash flows. And all on different renewal schedules,” the executive said. “Jon had the foresight to synchronize all of the renewals. First he worked it out, then he worked us through it, then he made it work. Even when there was one during the renewal of the others.”

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