Marsh Broker Stephen Wattman Recognized as a 2022 Environmental Power Broker

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Stephen Wattman, Vice President, Marsh

Stephen Wattman
Vice President
Marsh, New York

Consistent results have made Stephen Wattman a trusted broker for his clients. 

For a manufacturer, Wattman helped place coverage for a project on a Superfund site that raised immediate issues after a contractor began working on the site without the needed insurance, said a risk manager for the manufacturer.

“Stephen was able to go to market and obtain quotes not only for the required insurance but also for the insurance that we, as a company, were looking to have in place to build a sufficient buffer for our balance sheet,” the risk manager said. “In fact, Stephen was able to go to a market that previously turned down coverage for the contractor and negotiate a placement for an entire tower through just them.”

What was particularly impressive, the risk manager said, was the short time frame in which Wattman had to work. Wattman also devised a solution with built-in flexibility in case issues arose in the early phases of the project. “There were several other projects I have worked on with Stephen, all with similar results,” the risk manager said.

Another client, a utility company, wasn’t sure it would be able to get the environmental coverage it needed ahead of an acquisition, said the company’s risk manager. But Wattman made it look easy. 

“He just went and did it so quick and really understands what a difficult process this is for us,” the risk manager said. “He’s instilling confidence that we will get this done.”

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