2024 Power Broker Winners

Name Firm Category
Marcum, Michael Marsh At-Large
Simms, Paul Marsh At-Large
Tabourel, Maxim Aon At-Large
Benson, Lacy Marsh At-Large
Nguyen, Elizabeth EPIC At-Large
Rocheleau, Ana Marsh At-Large
Chao , Christopher Aon At-Large
Averill, John Insurance Office of America At-Large
Lyman, Cabot Aon At-Large
Tesoriero, Laura EPIC At-Large
Barnes, Chad Marsh At-Large
Mula, Jennifer Aon At-Large
Clary, Reid AssuredPartners Agriculture
Perryman, Jaclyn WTW Agriculture
Hubbard, Chris Aon Agriculture
Burror, Nathan Aon Agriculture
Torpey, Phil Lockton Agriculture
Aukes, Scott AssuredPartners Agriculture
Towle, Anne Marie Hylant Captives
Spina, Tony Insurance Office of America Captives
Clark, Josh Gallagher Captives
Jarrell, Greg Lockton Captives
Norton, Steven Marsh McLennan Agency Captives
Patel, Julie Marsh Captives
Hayes, Phil AssuredPartners Construction
Kantlehner, Will Gallagher Construction
Cuison, Rhanz Marsh Construction
Hunt, Brian USI Insurance Services Construction
Adler, Regina Marsh Construction
Willis, Joseph Oakbridge Insurance Construction
Chopra , Akhil Lockton Cyber
Salazar, Joseph Aon Cyber
Schein, Marc Marsh McLennan Agency Cyber
Palmer , Daniel Risk Strategies Cyber
Smith, Vannessa CAC Specialty Cyber
Ratliff , Darryn Gallagher Cyber
Shadle, Austin Robins Insurance Education
Holland, Casey Marsh McLennan Agency Education
Russell, Jean Gallagher Education
Carlton, Anthony Gallagher Education
Roberts, Tori Gallagher Education
Reyes, Pedro Newfront Education
Williamson, Alyssa EPIC Insurance Brokers Employee Benefits
Garavaglia, Tony Alliant Employee Benefits
Tripodi, Clint The Liberty Company Employee Benefits
Brown, Tammy Conner Strong & Buckelew Employee Benefits
Tang, Victor Marsh McLennan Agency Employee Benefits
Belmont, Molly Gallagher Employee Benefits
Petcove, Robert Gallagher Employee Benefits
Ambrose, Jill Conner Strong & Buckelew Employee Benefits
McKay, Max Insurance Office of America Employee Benefits
Martinez, Paul Newfront Employee Benefits
Nixon, Rachel IMA Financial Group Employee Benefits
Wong, Michelle Lockton Employee Benefits
R’bibo, Daniel Gallagher Entertainment
Dollar, Jon WTW Entertainment
D’Angelo, Amanda Newfront Entertainment
Clancy, Kyle HUB International Entertainment
Ramos, Yasmine Marsh Entertainment
Yu, Faye Aon Entertainment
Doyle, Matthew Marsh Environmental
Bullen-Wickless, Cristin Marsh Environmental
Kern, Matthew Marsh Environmental
Walker, Ashley Aon Environmental
Price, Sarah Alliant Environmental
Vetter, Jim Marsh Environmental
Rappa, Anne Aon Fine Arts
Johnsen, Kierstin Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Deninno, Michele Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Karim, Cheryl Gallagher Fine Arts
de St. Antoine, Isabelle Aon Fine Arts
Wunderlich, Blair Risk Strategies Fine Arts
Larsen, Azzizza Marsh Financial Services
Farnsworth, Ryan Alliant Financial Services
Scott, Chris Marsh Financial Services
Loughlin, Lisa Marsh Financial Services
Harbut, Andy Symphony Risk Solutions Financial Services
Bolton, Nick WTW Financial Services
Roberts, Ryan Parker, Smith & Feek Health Care
Gonzalez, Theresa Newfront Health Care
Young, Madalyn Gallagher Health Care
Gazso, Paul Risk Strategies Health Care
Budworth, Mary Anne Marsh Health Care
Yuan, Henry Marsh Health Care
Pettise, Andy Insurance Office of America Hospitality
Massey, Greg Insurance Office of America Hospitality
Bohan, Terence Aon Hospitality
Peery, Jason Aon Hospitality
Hoover, Rob Risk Strategies Hospitality
Clements, Matthew Robins Insurance Hospitality
Cole, Katie Aon International
Breitenbach, Beth Aon International
Folsom, Anthony Aon International
Walker, Anthony Aon International
Njavro, Jane Woodruff Sawyer International
Coughlin, Mary WTW International
Marchisi, John Gallagher M&A
Chattey, Martyn Aon M&A
Coleman, William Aon M&A
Spielmann , Kurt Marsh M&A
Barnes , David CAC Specialty M&A
Bonfiglio, Thomas CAC Specialty M&A
Carra, Jack AssuredPartners Manufacturing
Champion, Laurie Marsh Manufacturing
Kothari, Falak Marsh Manufacturing
Detmer, Marty Aon Manufacturing
Caruso, Ania Gallagher Manufacturing
Battle, Ray Aon Manufacturing
Abboud, Greg Marsh Marine
Creager, Blake Lockton Marine
Graziano, Summer Aon Marine
Martin, Connie E. Marsh Marine
Bissa, Manish Marsh Marine
Channing, Spencer Marsh Marine
Rosky, Peter Risk Strategies Nonprofit
Ackerman, Ian Gallagher Nonprofit
Jimenez, Ampy Gallagher Nonprofit
Cole, Brandon Gallagher Nonprofit
Fields, Michele Conner Strong & Buckelew Pharmaceuticals
Brown, Naimah Conner Strong & Buckelew Pharmaceuticals
Kearney, Michael Gallagher Pharmaceuticals
Ansell, Scott Marsh Pharmaceuticals
Smith, Samuel Aon Pharmaceuticals
Palmer, Sarah Gallagher Pharmaceuticals
Blasiak , Brent Aon Private Client
Nelson , Daisy Aon Private Client
Knadler, Jodie Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client
Rogers, Heather Alliant Private Client
Dieppa, Meg Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client
Tesei Bronstein, Chelsea Aon Private Client
Guerrera, Jason USI Insurance Services Public Sector
Patni, Samar Marsh Public Sector
Henthorn, Marcus Gallagher Public Sector
Chino, John Gallagher Public Sector
Daly, Joshua Gallagher Public Sector
Powell, Kyle Aon Public Sector
Waldeck, Adam Marsh McLennan Agency Real Estate
Lister, Taylor Marsh McLennan Agency Real Estate
Rolseth, Elena Aon Real Estate
Viebrock, Lisa Marsh Real Estate
Giambalvo, Will Gallagher Real Estate
Mazzaro, Robert Marsh Real Estate
Kilberg, Daniel Gallagher Real Estate
Turner, Sophia Aon Real Estate
Dunn, Jessica RCM&D Real Estate
Masi, Phil AssuredPartners Real Estate
Clark, Jimmy Gallagher Real Estate
Hollins, Emmet Symphony Risk Solutions Real Estate
Spurlock, Carol WTW Retail
Jarmin, Sumbul Marsh Retail
Jackson, Sherman Symphony Risk Solutions Retail
Sebold, Brian Aon Retail
Landver, Michelle Newfront Retail
Faries, Phillip Aon Retail
Burack, Todd McGriff Renewable Energy
Veytsman, Yan Marsh Renewable Energy
Carroll-Allan, Lauren Cirrus Advisers Renewable Energy
Leahy, Kerri Leahy Aon Renewable Energy
Wonder, Nathan CAC Specialty Renewable Energy
Martel , Myles Aon Renewable Energy
Drozdowski, Kevin Marsh Energy
Lee , Jeff Aon Energy
Gayser , Jeremy Lockton Energy
Riveros, Andrés Marsh Energy
Richards, Jeff AssuredPartners Energy
Bachelet, Olivia Marsh Energy
Sood, Akshay Marsh Specialty
Movafaghi, Matthew CAC Specialty Specialty
Manfredini Look, Samantha Aon Specialty
Kyriacou, Stephen Aon Specialty
Heining, Joel AssuredPartners Specialty
Hashi, Hashi Marsh Specialty
Wagner, Andrew Conner Strong & Buckelew Technology
Miller, Steve Insurance Office of America Technology
Adappa, Deepak Marsh Technology
Bundy, Erin Aon Technology
Dunleavy, Tim Newfront Technology
Cybart, Vara CAC Specialty Technology
Caron, Pam Risk Strategies Transportation
Hughey, Haley Risk Strategies Transportation
Coleman, Matt AssuredPartners Transportation
Williams, Lance Aon Transportation
Woods, Kevin Gallagher Transportation
Barr, Jordan Marsh Transportation
Palomba, Christine Aon Utilities
Pullen, Matthew Marsh Utilities
O'Shaughnessy, Erin Marsh Utilities
Nadel, Peter Energy Insurance Mutual Utilities
DeBruin, Brian Aon Utilities
Yu, Julia Aon Utilities
Kovach, Bruce Marsh Workers' Comp
Madden, Timothy Aon Workers' Comp
Liu, Connie Aon Workers' Comp
Woodard, Chrystal Marsh Workers' Comp
Breskin, Jeff Insurance Office of America Workers' Comp
Schoor, Ettie World Insurance Associates Workers' Comp