Alliant Broker Tony Garavaglia Recognized as a 2024 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Tony Garavaglia, Senior Vice President, Alliant Insurance Services

Tony Garavaglia
Senior Vice President
Alliant, Chesterfield, Mo.

The old adage “never switch horses midstream” is usually good advice, but when an employee base is clamoring for change, that may become a necessary course of action.

For Tony Garavaglia, the client’s emergency was his opportunity to shine.

“When we began working with Tony, our insurance program in the health and medical space had been moved over to reference-based pricing. That model wasn’t working for our group. We had frustrated members, we were frustrated with the process, and while it works for some organizations, for us it just wasn’t a great fit,” explained Jackson Hataway, president of Missouri Bankers Association.

“Tony really came at the right time to deal with the vendor and simultaneously begin scouting out other vendors to move back to a better insurance relationship. There wasn’t a lot of disruption moving to the new relationship with the carrier we ultimately selected.”

Kathi Barton with Shure also experienced firsthand Garavaglia’s adaptiveness and ability to find solutions in difficult situations.

“When we first engaged with Tony Garavaglia at Alliant, Shure Incorporated was in dire need of revamping its entire health and welfare plans and vendors,” Barton explained.

“Tony led the team through the entire process from strategic plan design to RFP to selection and implementation. Every single plan and vendor was replaced. Their team acted as an extension of the Shure benefits team.”

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