Alliant Broker Heather Rogers Recognized as a 2024 Private Client Power Broker

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Heather Rogers, AVP, Client Executive, Alliant

Heather Rogers
AVP, Client Executive
Alliant, New York

When a client’s insurer asked for flood vents on a property in Florida post-Hurricane Ian, Heather Rogers took action. FEMA-compliant flood vents would be costly and require an extensive construction project. Rogers procured an outside flood service
firm to inspect the property and confirm its requirements.

Their research found that the home was not actually required to have flood vents — in fact, installing a FEMA-compliant system would not be viable due to the unique typography of the property.

However, the homeowner’s carrier still had concerns, so Rogers sought a creative solution. Instead of extensive and costly flood venting, Rogers worked with the client, the carrier and the specialized firm to create a flood protection plan implementing this
innovative solution to mitigate potential loss.

Another client was building a new residence, and the carrier required a video security system for the initial phase of construction. The client wanted to comply, but the site lacked the necessary technology for the system without incurring significant expense. Rogers explored alternatives and found a firm that provided security that met the insurance carrier’s requirements.

The client was able to activate this platform — which provided comprehensive security resources and surveillance for the initial phase of construction — at a substantial savings. This client summed up Rogers by saying, “You can tell she loves her job and, for lack of a better term, geeks out on insurance!”

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