Energy Insurance Mutual Broker Peter Nadel Recognized as a 2024 Utilities Power Broker

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Peter Nadel, Director, Energy Insurance Mutual

Peter Nadel, ARM-E
Energy Insurance Mutual, Cleveland

Talk to insurance leaders and many will tell you they look at the energy transition as a place where they can earn new business.

One of Peter Nadel’s clients during his time as an SVP at Marsh is developing a new process for producing electricity.

“We purchased a 1,300-megawatt power plant,” said the president and chief operating officer.

“It will be our first commercial application of our technology, and if we are successful, it will be the first of dozens of plants we intend to convert. As we were going through the acquisition, our time frame to close was very tight and we needed insurance. I got a reference for Pete from the seller. I called Pete and told him we needed a full insurance package in place within 30 days to enable us to close.

“His response was exceptional. His team all said it would be difficult, but they thought they could get it done,” the COO continued.

“Pete stayed close to me through the whole process, making sure I understood the many details along the way. His leadership of the team was great, his understanding of our needs was spot-on, his ability to identify solutions was exceptional, his communication was excellent.”

Fresh from that accomplishment, Nadel was given another challenge: “Pete advised on the insurance provisions of contracts we had to put in place quickly with a third-party operator of the power plant,” said the COO.

“We needed help, and Pete jumped in to make sure the insurance provisions in the contracts were properly structured. In all my many years, I’ve never had a broker who performed better, and I’ve worked with many.”

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