Gallagher Broker Marcus Henthorn Recognized as a 2024 Public Sector Power Broker

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Marcus Henthorn, Managing Director, Gallagher

Marcus Henthorn, CLCS
Managing Director
Gallagher, Boulder, Colo.

A good broker knows that a cyber insurance tower will only withstand a ransomware storm when the right tools are in place. Marcus Henthorn is a good broker; he places the cyber tool kit right in his clients’ hands.

“We use the tool kit to be proactive, to protect and mitigate risk. It shows our members how to deal with cyber events if something does happen. And that knowledge is largely due to Marcus’ work to set us up with third-party risk partners,” said Curtis Saindon, assistant superintendent for business services, Woodridge School District #68.

“Marcus went above and beyond in his effort to address the plethora of changes associated with the hardening of the cybersecurity market,” added David Pickel, manager of risk services, VSBIT.

“Premiums were reaching unprecedented heights while carriers were offering more restrictive terms and conditions. Marcus came to the table with solutions, not problems.”

Public entities are attractive targets for hackers, but good cyber health can deter them and even save these institutions. Henthorn’s tool kit gives clients access to risk assessments, vulnerability scans, incident response plans and other prevention tools.

And because Henthorn is a good broker, this tool kit also gives clients access to him; he uses his own extensive knowledge and resources to get them the answers they need.

“It’s easy for insurance experts to tell us how it is and what to do, end of story,” said Saindon. “Marcus isn’t like that. He treats us like partners in the process.”

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