Aon Broker Kyle Powell Recognized as a 2024 Public Sector Power Broker

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Kyle Powell, Public Entity Account Executive, Aon

Kyle Powell, ARM
Public Entity Account Executive
Aon, Los Angeles

Negotiations go a long way in this business. Broker Kyle Powell gets that.

For Adria White, risk manager, City of Reno, Powell went to bat. “Our initial overall policy increase was forecasted at 50%,” she said.

“Kyle is the primary person for our insurance renewals. He did the back and forth and really looked out for our city.” Powell’s efforts resulted in just a 15% increase — work that White said was “amazing.”

Powell is also the first person White calls when she encounters some of the oddities of running a city — like finding coverage for mounted police officers.

“We were trying to figure out how to add our mounties to the insurance; horses are animals, but in this case, they were city property.

Luckily, Kyle had worked with another city that had a similar situation, so his experience helped us get that squared away.”

Fargo-Moorhead’s Metro Flood Diversion Authority, another client of Powell’s, is considered a special-purpose political entity. It’s a joint power made up of local cities and counties for the sole purpose of implementing flood protection.

This year, Joel Paulsen, executive director, said Powell was instrumental in getting its umbrella program set: “We’ve been able to figure out a way to fund and finance and build a large mega project to protect the community,” Paulsen shared. “It’s the first time the Army Corps of Engineers has allowed a public-private partnership, where we bring a private developer in to build things.”

Negotiating this contract has led the authority to save around $300 million.

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