AssuredPartners Broker Scott Aukes Recognized as a 2024 Agriculture Power Broker

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Scott Aukes, President, Agribusiness, AssuredPartners

Scott Aukes
President, Agribusiness
Assured Partners, West Des Moines, Iowa

Engineering out the risk is never a bad idea.

“Like a lot of farmer cooperatives, we have a lot of aging concrete silos out there,” said Steve Nielsen, general counsel at Landus Cooperative. “And we had a loss in 2021. That was a big one — $30 million.” It’s the renewal nightmare scenario that no broker wants to face.

Scott Aukes turned that challenge into an opportunity to ensure that Landus would never suffer a similar loss again. He presented its carrier with his intention to send engineers to every last silo location, with a guarantee to follow their recommendations implicitly.

“That helps us greatly with our insurance company, to let them know how serious we are about safety,” Nielsen said. “We would literally shut down some of our storage of grain, which is a big deal for us. But you’ve got to put safety first. That was part of the solution that Scott came up with. It took some time and some money to do all that, but it’s something that needed to be done.”

This boots-on-the-ground approach isn’t unusual for Aukes, who makes a habit of visiting sites. “Scott put together a plan with his team to visit each location and evaluate risks and review our statement of values,” said Shannon Bode, VP, risk and insurance, Central Farm Services Cooperative.

“Scott has a very knowledgeable team with experience in the agricultural industry.”

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