Conner Strong & Buckelew Broker Jill Ambrose Recognized as a 2024 Employee Benefits Power Broker

Jill Ambrose, Vice President, Conner Strong & Buckelew

Jill Ambrose
VP, Director Wellness and Population Health
Conner Strong & Buckelew, Philadelphia

Some brokers are able to provide solutions consistently, but the best are integral parts of their clients’ teams, bringing them new ideas and sharing expertise.

Jill Ambrose with Connor Strong & Buckelew is one of those rare brokers.

“Jill was ahead of the curve when we were looking at cost drivers for the health plan,” said M. Leeroy Moyo, senior medical director, employee benefits plan with RWJBarnabus Health. He noted that concerns over gene therapies were one of her contributions to the discussions, and she was ready to help his team develop solutions right away.

Additionally, he lauded her customer service: “She’s absolutely available for me at any time.”

Other clients also received top-notch advice from Ambrose this past year.

“Jill Ambrose helped us to implement Springbuk,” said Heather Gelting, executive director, PAISBOA Health Benefit Trust. “She has the clinical knowledge to help us use our data to focus on appropriate interventions to improve the quality of life for our members while controlling costs.”

Gelting cited a custom report Ambrose produced to evaluate the PEPM for each of their 158 groups as an example of her innovative approach, saying that Ambrose is a star among an already fantastic program.

“She understands the costs, benefits, cures and challenges of the health care industry. She presents information with the right care because I can tell that she wants our employees to be healthy and well.”

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