Marsh Broker Hashi Hashi Recognized as a 2024 Specialty Power Broker

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Hashi Hashi, VP, Commercial Surety Leader, Marsh

Hashi Hashi
VP, Commercial Surety Leader
Marsh, Toronto

Surety placement for private equity-owned businesses is notoriously difficult to facilitate on an uncollateralized basis within the marketplace.

Broker Hashi Hashi assisted Englobe Corporation with securing much-needed surety capacity, critical for businesses like Englobe that often pursue public tenders.

“We had encountered various challenges with maintaining our surety capacity prior to working with Hashi, namely due to our private equity ownership and the challenges that our capital structure poses for many sureties,” said Denis Pellerin, CFO, Englobe.

The company was required to post letters of credit to maintain surety support, which can be very expensive and carry negative impacts to liquidity and cost of borrowing. Englobe was in the middle of unprecedented growth and found itself outgrowing its surety facility size.

Posting additional collateral was not an option.

“Hashi worked in close collaboration with us to understand our business and deploy a targeted remarketing of our surety program,” Pellerin said.

“He understood the challenges we were facing and demonstrated the technical expertise to know exactly what business strengths to leverage and what challenges to proactively address when engaging markets to find an alternative surety partner to support our bonding needs.”

Englobe now benefits from significantly more bonding capacity to support its business, under uncollateralized terms and with a long-term surety partner that is comfortable with its business model.

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