Lockton Broker Phil Torpey Recognized as a 2024 Agriculture Power Broker

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Phil Torpey, Vice President, Senior Account Executive — Food, Agriculture and Beverage Practice, Lockton

Phil Torpey, CPCU, ARM, AINS
Vice President, Senior Account Executive
Lockton, Kansas City, Mo.Lockton

Syngenta is a multinational agricultural, chemical and seeds company doing business in roughly 90 countries, said John Burleigh, its head of corporate insurance. His relationship with Phil Torpey began about a year and a half ago.

“He has exceeded expectations, to put it mildly,” Burleigh said. “I started getting into insurance and risk management in the early 1990s. It’s been quite a long time. I’ve worked with many impressive people, very capable brokers, account executives. But Phil’s been tops overall.”

Burleigh applauds Torpey’s holistic approach. “It’s become much more than just the traditional insurance brokering arrangement, where they market and place coverage for you. They do all that exceptionally well, but he’s also been really helpful in introducing me to the resources his organization has that could help us in a variety of other ways.”

“The complexity of our growth has led us to a new structure to manage our risk in an unbundled fashion to make it more competitive,” said Scott Schneider, VP and treasurer of Scoular.

“We’ve had to restructure our platform to get our business more competitive in regions of the world that provide business opportunity, and that changes our risk profile … One example of Phil’s expertise is when he helped provide a particular solution with a one-time international shipment coming out of high-risk country on a tight time line, which covered the exposure in a very compressed time frame.”

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