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Homeowners Associations Are Facing These 6 Critical Risks. How the Right Insurance Partner Can Help Manage Them

From property valuation issues to concerns over events and security: HOAs should work with their carriers to address these exposures.

White Paper Summary

Homeowners associations (HOAs) typically provide essential services to their communities.

They help ensure that neighborhoods are well-maintained and protected, and they also foster community through events like parades and pool parties. Some HOAs also care for amenities like pools, community centers and gyms.

Like any entity, HOAs face a certain amount of risk. Whether it’s protecting association-owned buildings from property damage or making sure events are adequately secured, HOAs will want to review their exposures and make sure they have the proper insurance policies in place to protect the association in the event of a claim.

Here’s a look at six risks HOAs should be prepared for and how they can work with their insurers to address these issues.

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