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The Winning Formula: Claim Scoring and Clinical Pathways for Better Patient Outcomes

The rise of Big Data has allowed for the early identification of at-risk workers comp claims, but siloed data has long been an obstacle. Effective data sharing is now allowing workers comp professionals and providers to leverage data as a fundamental driving force to transform the injured workers experience – claims scoring is part of that transformation.
By: | July 27, 2023


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This webinar will address claim scoring in depth, and its pivotal role in addressing at-risk claims. You’ll learn how clinical pathways can streamline workflows and help the most important stakeholder — the patient.

Discover the importance of claim scoring and how it assesses severity and potential barriers to recovery. Understand the significance of identifying at-risk claims early to minimize losses and streamline the claims process.

Explore the benefits of utilizing clinical pathways to ensure consistent decision-making and optimal claims management. Learn how these strategies drive efficiency and help the patient navigate their workers compensation physical medicine journey.

Our experts will discuss how real-world examples of scoring methodologies and clinical pathways can enable informed decisions, streamline workflows and successful patient outcomes.

Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your claims management, improve efficiency and achieve better outcomes. Register now to unlock transformational change within your claims operations.

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MedRisk is the leader in physical rehabilitation for the workers’ compensation industry. Our clinically based program ensures evidence-based care, reduces costs, and promotes return to work.

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