Conner Strong & Buckelew Broker Naimah Brown Recognized as a 2024 Pharmaceuticals Power Broker

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Naimah Brown, Account Executive, Conner Strong & Buckelew

Naimah Brown
Account Executive
Conner Strong & Buckelew, Camden, N.J.

A group of over 30 independent companies operating under academic collaborations with research institutions needed to find a way to streamline its risk transfer strategy.

Naimah Brown took stock of each entity’s unique exposures and was able to leverage relationships with top life sciences insurance markets to aggregate the group’s portfolio of companies within one policy. Sophisticated in design, her solution simplified processes and resulted in significant savings for the group.

By checking in periodically throughout the year, Brown keeps a close eye on each of the 30-plus entities to determine if they have any new exposures that would require a carveout of the master program.

Brown’s ability to take a holistic view of life sciences businesses is an integral building block of the confidence and trust she has developed with her clients. And the attentive questions she puts before their leadership are more along the lines of the detailed inquiries they expect from investors, rather than from their insurance broker, noted one CFO of a biotech company.

“It’s hard to find somebody especially [attuned] to the intricate details of pharma,” the CFO said. “To get somebody that actually understands and will listen to your story on your whole portfolio … and also ask you about the financing side” — these are among the tough questions the CFO is grateful to have Brown bring to his attention.

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