In Conversation: Student Ambassadors on the Kids’ Chance Mission — and How You Can Play a Part

We sat down with Olivia North-Menthonnex and Arianna Jewell to talk about their experiences with the organization and its impact on their ability to achieve their goals.
By: | January 8, 2024
Composite portrait of Kids' Chance ambassadors Olivia North-Methonnex and Arianna Jewell

At National Comp 2023, Risk & Insurance had the opportunity to sit down with two ambassadors from Kids’ Chance: students who had benefited directly from the organization and now help to further its mission by spreading the word.

That mission is to provide support to students who have been affected by the injury or death of a loved one in the workplace — emotional support as well as financial support.

Olivia North-Menthonnex lost her father to a workplace accident. After receiving support from Kids’ Chance during her studies, she’s now giving back: “Everywhere we’re able to go, we’re supporting kids one way or another, whether that’s the community, the outreach, having that background, or getting that idea out to more kids and more families.”

Arianna Jewell was likewise impacted when an on-the-job injury left her mother — the sole breadwinner for a large family — unable to work, casting serious doubt on Arianna’s ability to pay for her education. “They supported me by allowing me to go to school debt-free,” she said.

Portrait of Arianna Jewell

Arianna Jewell, Kids’ Chance Ambassador

One important way Kids’ Chance helps its participants through an unimaginably difficult time is by connecting them to a larger community. Arianna found connection with a Kids’ Chance representative whose check-in calls became almost like therapy sessions — “not just about finances, not just about school, but caring about your wellbeing as a person.”

Olivia found that connection by “knowing there’s other kids out there that are like me,” she said. “When you go through a traumatic experience like losing your father, it’s the end of the world. No one understands you, no one knows what you’ve gone through. But with Kids’ Chance, it’s like, ‘No — here’s so many other students across just my state that are very similar to you.’”

Portrait of Olivia North-Menthonnex

Olivia North-Menthonnex, Kids’ Chance Ambassador

Arianna and Olivia also had advice for anyone in the workers’ comp space who wants to support Kids’ Chance on its mission. One way anyone can help out is, whenever they “come across a family that meets that criteria with a child, getting our name out there, like ‘Hey, here’s this opportunity for you in the future, so that way this one event in your life doesn’t stop your goals,’” Olivia said.

“Become a donor. Sponsor your time, sponsor your money,” Arianna added. “Reach out and tell people about it. Keep pushing Kids’ Chance to everybody that you know.”

Both ambassadors were unambiguous in their feelings towards the organization. “Kids’ Chance is an awesome, awesome organization, especially in a world where it feels like everybody is trying to take advantage of you, everybody wants something from you in a negative way. Kids’ Chance is not that way at all,” Arianna said. “Everybody wants to see the students win. Kids’ Chance is the way to go.” &


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