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Catastrophic Claims: The 4 C’s of Resilience in the Face of Inclement Weather

EK Health emphasizes thoughtful consideration, effective communication, a commitment to patience and meaningful collaboration to safeguard the most vulnerable during hurricane season.

White Paper Summary

As hurricane season churns once again, individuals and communities near coastlines are bracing for the potential impact of powerful storms. While these efforts make the nightly news, employers in these areas also play an important role in preparation and response when disaster looms.

Case management programs, such as EK Health’s, take a proactive approach with clients, putting strategies in place and making preparations that safeguard businesses and support employees during and after a storm. Catastrophic Case Management (CCM) prioritizes comprehensive planning, communication strategies and proactive support systems. This allows employers to navigate the challenges with resilience while making sure that employees are safe and well, and that business operations can get back up and running smoothly.

During severe weather events, numerous things can adversely affect the care of an injured worker. A few examples include:

  • Road closures or travel restrictions may restrict access to treatment or cause medical supply deliveries to be delayed or halted.
  • Required services may be unavailable or limited — for example, electricity, heat, telephone, cell, and internet outages, which can have catastrophic consequences, especially for those dependent on equipment such as ventilators, suction and motorized wheelchairs.

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