Marsh Broker Samar Patni Recognized as a Public Sector Power Broker

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Samar Patni, SVP, Client Executive, Marsh

Samar Patni
SVP, Client Executive
Marsh, Edmonton, Canada

We often hear the word “partnership” in this industry, but seldom do we see someone embody the word like Samar Patni: “She really believes she’s a partner to the organizations she supports. She’s not an outsider who coordinates things on your behalf. She is truly trying to help reduce your risk, help you get more bang for your buck,” said Kristen Rino, director budgeting and finance, The Good Samaritan Society.

During Rino’s annual renewal this past year, Patni brought in the society’s underwriter to talk face-to-face. Per Rino, “We had the joy of watching Samar gently but very firmly communicate to this underwriter that they needed to sharpen their pencils as she explained all the merits of what we had done to reduce risks.”

For Tahra Sabir, CFO, Golden Hills School Division, Patni’s partnership extends not just to her but to every member of her pool — that’s 37 entities Patni has created personalized relationships with: “She pays attention to our membership. We had to travel to the UK and Ottawa this year, and Samar did the prep work. She even came and was able to fill in the gaps during our presentations after she read the room with the underwriters and saw what they needed more information on,” Sabir said.

This partnership extends to internal workings with clients. Madonna Proulx, managing director, financial services, Edmonton Public Schools, said Patni always takes the time to get back to her with a calm, ethical and honest demeanor. “She’s integral in marketing and giving us advice,” Proulx shared. “If we’re meeting with underwriters, she goes to bat.”

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