WTW Broker Jaclyn Perryman Recognized as a 2024 Agriculture Power Broker

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Jaclyn Perryman, Casualty Broker, WTW

Jaclyn Perryman, CPCU, AU-M
Casualty Broker
WTW, Chicago

Imagine you’re on a team of two that manages over 120 policies covering 300 subsidiaries (give or take four or five acquisitions a year) across 22 countries as an importer-exporter that distributes roughly 30,000 products across the U.S. You’d need someone like Jaclyn Perryman on your team.

For Stacy Hastings, corporate risk manager at Ravago Americas, this scenario is a daily reality. Perryman and her team, Hastings said, “are always coming up with ways to improve our current program. They’ve helped us come up with a few different solutions to help us streamline information and help our team develop efficiencies.

“They also helped us with a few of our vendors and business partners. We were able to achieve a robust nurse triage program, and they helped us develop a system and make reporting matters to the carrier a very, very streamlined process. She and her team ensure we have very good instructions, and they’ve helped us create some of those automated processes.”

Just as impressively, Perryman was able to get manuscripted language that removed PFAS exclusions, achieving premiums below the norm for its category. “The things she has done — people say, ‘I’ve never heard of anyone actually getting that achieved.’ And I make sure they know my broker did it … She has far exceeded any of the other casualty brokers we have had on our account when it comes to getting things done, making sure the items in her wheelhouse are executed in a timely way,” Hastings added.

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