Alliant Broker Sarah Price Recognized as a 2024 Environmental Power Broker

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Sarah Price, First Vice President, Alliant

Sarah Price
First Vice President
Alliant, Houston

Environmental coverage is a must-have in the waste disposal business. But it is not easy to get, especially for acquisition minded companies taking on new risks and new territories.

One lucky company had Sarah Price. “We wouldn’t be able to do business if it wasn’t for her help on the program,” said the risk manager.

Price worked to roll insurance programs for acquired businesses into the company’s existing insurance coverage — avoiding the need for new policies — and kept up with demands for environmental certificates and contract reviews.

“If she’s not available, she’ll make sure she has someone on as a backup right away. So we’re never waiting for her to get back to us on anything,” the risk manager said.

Another client appreciated what she described as Price’s “light touch.” It surfaced during a lengthy exchange of information with the company’s prior broker, an exchange that required the intervention of IT resources.

“She did all of that and was pleasant, positive and cheerful throughout,” said the client, the risk management director at a heavy manufacturer with complex environmental risks. Price then organized the information and used it to shop for coverage on multiple markets, the director said.

“We did end up staying with our incumbent, but with vastly better terms,” she said, noting that the new policy covered distribution and storage operations, not just higher-risk manufacturing facilities.

Topping it off, the three-year policy came in at a lower price, the director added. “I count that as a serious win.”

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