USI Insurance Services Broker Jason Guerrera Recognized as a 2024 Public Sector Power Broker

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Jason Guerrera, SVP, Public Entity & Social Services, USI Insurance Services

Jason Guerrera, CSRM
SVP, Public Entity & Social Services
USI Insurance Services, Meriden, Conn.

While there’s ease in going with the flow, broker Jason Guerrera knows there’s no true comfort in complacency. That’s where insurance programs become stagnant — and risk grows.

“Jason’s not selling the flavor of the month,” said Craig Schmidt, risk manager, City of Norwalk.

“He thinks outside the box and asks how we can approach our program so it challenges us and doesn’t let us become complacent.”

This year, Guerrera reviewed Norwalk’s workers’ comp self-insured program and discovered the board of education had good experience in this area — so good, Guerrera got a carrier to take on the risk for the board while letting the city side remain self-insured.

“It saved the city about $200,000,” said Schmidt. Matt Knickerbocker, town administrator, Town of Wilton, is also grateful for Guerrera’s attention to detail.

When he came on board with Wilton, “he noticed that we were underinsured in some areas,” Knickerbocker said. “In fact, in some areas, we had no insurance at all, and on some very critical things, such as underground storage tanks … Some properties were not valued properly [and] we were overpaying on liability,” he added.

“Jason’s overall reduction in the fiscal year was in the neighborhood of $135,000.”

And it’s not just Guerrera’s ability to find savings in the small print; for client Richard Carmelich, COO, EdAdvance, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact: “One thing that frustrates me every year is that I have to spend so much time filling out multi-page applications; Jason will come to my office and fill them out. He does the legwork.”

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