Alliant Broker Ryan Farnsworth Recognized as a 2024 Finance Power Broker

Ryan Farnsworth, Senior Vice President, Alliant

Ryan Farnsworth, ARM
Senior Vice President
Alliant, San Francisco

When businesses grow, Power Brokers grow with them. From 2016 to 2022, said LendingClub’s then chief legal officer, Brandon Pace, “we had a pretty dynamic business model.”

That included the acquisition of a bank — LendingClub was the first FinTech to do so, and it radically changed the company’s risk profile.

Add to that a claim that used up most of its tower and you get “a very challenging market for us in terms of how we were going to get renewals.”

Pace followed broker Ryan Farnsworth to Alliant, hoping he was up to the challenge.

“Ryan went through a process of helping us figure out how to get insurance for that transaction, because we just weren’t able to. It was unprecedented; it was very difficult to get the comfort that we needed from regulators and others. Ryan worked with us to figure out what insurance opportunity we could use to mitigate some of the risk and put shareholders at ease.”

Pace added, “I’ve probably been exposed to every broker in the United States, at least that I can think of … I’ve ended up going back to Ryan over and over again, because he does a lot, he’s smart, he’s extremely insightful and he understands my business as well as anyone can from the outside.”

Pace isn’t the only one to follow Farnsworth to Alliant.

“I worked with Ryan before he moved to Alliant,” said an SVP and deputy general counsel. “He was one of the significant reasons we chose to change providers … He’s got very deep financial lines experience, so you feel like you’re talking to an expert.”

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