Aon Broker Nathan Burror Recognized as a 2024 Agriculture Power Broker

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Nathan Burror, Vice President, Broker III

Nathan Burror, CPCU, AINS, CRIS
Vice President, Broker III
Aon, Sacramento, Calif.

When its incumbent non-renewed its entire program, said the former principal accounting officer of a rapidly expanding food manufacturer, “that kind of put us on our heels a little bit.” And it couldn’t have happened at a worse time: “The property market has just been soaring through the roof,” he added.

Nathan Burror leapt into action, inviting carriers to tour facilities from Pennsylvania to California. “Nathan would hop on a flight and make sure that he was there to provide context and a little bit of oversight, so it wasn’t just our folks giving the tour and explaining things. But also to make sure he saw what kind of vibe he was getting from the carriers.”

Burror then came up with some insightful ways to reframe the program for insurers.

It made sense to be categorized in a different sector during the company’s early days, the accounting officer said, but after a decade of growth, the company was squarely in the food manufacturing sector. “That was one of the things that Nathan immediately flagged in the
diagnostics: This might have made sense at some point in the life of the company, but it was creating a lot of coverage gaps.”

In the end, he said, “not only did we have enhanced coverage and fill the coverage gaps that they originally identified in the diagnostics, but from a casualty perspective, our premiums decreased by a third across the board, and from a property perspective, it was flat year over year … I was ecstatic with that result.”

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