Newfront Broker Tim Dunleavy Recognized as a 2024 Technology Power Broker

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Tim Dunleavy, Senior Vice President, Newfront

Portrait of Tim Dunleavy

Tim Dunleavy
Senior Vice President
Newfront, San Francisco

Cyber coverage is not just an obligation for a cybersecurity company — it’s critical. “They want to know what our risk profile looks like,” said the in-house attorney at one cybersecurity firm. “If things were to hit the fan, do we have enough coverage in place to take care of everyone?”

Thanks to Tim Dunleavy, the attorney’s company feels well protected. “He’s extremely practical, doesn’t get lost in the weeds, can very quickly absorb what the business objective is and then go execute,” the attorney said, adding that “it’s almost like having an insurance division within the company.”

Dunleavy has kept the company ahead of the curve on cyber coverage, even as it has grown through successive rounds of venture capital investment, the attorney said. “That has been really instrumental to our market-share attainment.”

A proactive approach to renewals is another of Dunleavy’s strengths, according to his clients, even those on the smaller side. “For somebody that really doesn’t have an internally self-managed insurance program, he’s just been a really, really key adviser when it comes to risk management,” said a financial executive at a tech company.

Dunleavy offers regular reminders to ensure nothing gets lost amid the other demands of the growing business, the executive said. “He will not let me forget something.”

Dunleavy also presents thoughtful options on which carriers to go with: “He has a good understanding of which carriers are hungry for our business,” the executive said.

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