2015 NWCDC

Selected Sessions for Friday, Nov. 13

We highlighted these sessions for today's NWCDC attendees.
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Employee Focused Program — What Does It Mean and Will It Work? PM 7

Today: 10 am -11:15 am.

Engaging employees throughout the workers’ comp process starts with making the workers’ comp program transparent and establishing roles, objectives, and expectations for workers and everyone who will treat their injuries or administer their claims including supervisors and physicians. Presenters: Bill Wainscott, manager, workers’ compensation & occupational health, International Paper; and Drake Rogers, attorney, Young Clement Rivers.

Proven Workers’ Comp Claims Management Strategies That Get Results CM 7

Today: 10 am -11:15 am.

Learn claim review and program management strategies that prove successful, including how to analyze a claim portfolio, improve the claim review and audit processes, and effectively work with insurers and third-party administrators. Presenter: Stephanie Tutt, corporate senior risk analyst, Computer Sciences Corp.

Deceit and Fraud Detection Strategies — Honing Your Skills LR 6

Today: 10 am -11:15 am.

Different types of fraud and deceit will be discussed and you’ll learn how to spot it — with the help of a multimedia presentation that analyzes clips of famous liars — whether perpetuated by claimants or a medical provider’s written communications. Presenters: Dalene Bartholomew, VP, Probe Information Services, Inc.; and Ted Richards, Managing Shareholder, Grancell, Stander, Reubens, Thomas and Kinsey.

Curbing Long-term Disability With a Return-to-Work Culture DM 6

Today: 10 am -11:15 am.

By employing predictive analytics, lean management practices, employer incentives and the Progressive Goal Attainment Program — among other tools — Washington’s Department of Labor & Industries advanced a return-to-work culture internally among staff and externally among customers and service providers. Presenters: Ryan Guppy, chief of return to work partnerships, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries; and Vickie Kennedy, assistant director for insurance services, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.
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