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Risk & Insurance Wins Editorial Awards

For the fourth year running, the magazine's edit team wins an award for its coverage of emerging risks.
By: | April 10, 2018

Risk & Insurance® editors and writers picked up three awards for editorial excellence in early April.

At an awards luncheon in Washington, D.C. for the Middle Atlantic Chapter of the American Society of Business Publication Editors, the magazine garnered tributes for column writing, coverage of emerging risks and an executive profile.

Taking home a silver for a contributed column was Risk & Insurance® Senior Editor Roberto Ceniceros.  Ceniceros, who also serves as the chairman of the National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference® & Expo, was recognized for his October 2017 column The Quest for the Straight Dope, based on his personal observations on the use of medical marijuana in pain management.

The entire Risk & Insurance editorial team was honored with a regional silver for its April, 2017 special section, 2017 Most Dangerous Emerging Risks. The 11-page special section was produced after interviews with dozens of insurance and risk management professionals and focused on four emerging risks.

Managing Editor Anne Freedman, who tragically passed away in June 2017, wrote the Cyber Business Interruption portion of the section as one of her last pieces for the magazine. Anne’s piece forecast the economic damage should the internet infrastructure be hacked and brought down.


Associate Editor Katie Dwyer contributed a piece on U.S. Economic Nationalism, which reported on the possible long-term economic damage that could result from nationalistic policies. A companion piece by staff writer Julianne Walsh examined Foreign Economic Nationalism and the threat it poses to multinational corporations.

Associate editor Michelle Kerr distilled her conversations with insurance and risk management experts on the threats of artificial intelligence into her piece Artificial Intelligence Ties Liability in Knots. And in Coastal Mortgage Value Collapse, editor-in-chief Dan Reynolds explored the potential that rising seas could trigger a de-escalation of coastal property values, triggering a mortgage-related financial meltdown.

Risk & Insurance® Executive Editor and Publisher Matthew Kahn, who oversaw the planning and execution of the Most Dangerous Emerging Risks coverage, was an additional honoree.

“Creating compelling narratives that shine a light on the most pressing risks facing business and society is at the core of what we do,” said Kahn.

“We’re gratified that our trade journalism peers recognized us in this manner,” Kahn said of the awards.

This marks the sixth time that the Risk & Insurance editorial team won a regional or national award for its emerging risks coverage.

For his October, 2017 profile of Allied World program executive Grace Meek, entitled Grace Under Pressure, editor-in-chief Reynolds also picked up a bronze citation in the executive profile category.

Dan Reynolds is editor-in-chief of Risk & Insurance. He can be reached at [email protected]

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